Hugh Jackman's Real Steel beats Ryan Gosling's The Ides of March at the weekend box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Hugh Jackman’s boxing robot film REAL STEEL ran away with the weekend box office, bringing in close to $30 million.  The film has received mixed reviews, but most seem pleased with the “fun” of the film, but disappointed in the rest of it.  In second place was George Clooney’s THE IDES OF MARCH featuring it-boy Ryan Gosling.  The political drama that didn’t pay off brought in just over $10 million.  This isn’t really surprising since as great as George Clooney is, he’s never really found box office success outside of the Ocean’s trilogy.  But it is a little disheartening for Ryan Gosling, who couldn’t open DRIVE and then failed to open Ides.  The guy is a fantastic actor, but he doesn’t seem to be connecting with American audiences yet.

Next week is an interesting week as we finally get the release of what is sure to be a total embarrassment to movies called FOOTLOOSE.  Just thinking about that remake makes me upset.  We also get THE THING prequel and Pedro Almodovar’s THE SKIN I LIVE IN in limited release.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

1. Real Steel $29m

2. The Ides of March $10.5m

3. Dolphin Tale $9m

4. Moneyball $7.3m

5. 50/50 $5.3m

6. Courageous $4.6m

7. The Lion King 3D $4.5m

8. Dream House $4.4m

9. What’s Your Number $3m

10. Abduction $3m

Source: Deadline

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