Hugo Weaving will return to Middle Earth in The Hobbit

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Since everyone who was involved in Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy appeared to be coming back to THE HOBBIT (if they were intended to have a role), I still find it surprising when an actor is confirmed because I just assumed that they would be coming back. However, be glad to know that Hugo Weaving will return as the elf Elrond in THE HOBBIT which is shooting now in Wellington. Since I have not read The Hobbit, I don’t know how big of a role he plays in this particular part of the series, so Weaving may be in parts one and two or just one. THE HOBBIT: PART 1 opens in theaters December 2012.

I don’t know who we have left that has not been confirmed, but I think it’s just Orlando Bloom who is not committed but I’m assuming that he will join up too. Too bad Viggo Mortensen wasn’t in The Hobbit books, or was he? Someone out there confirm or deny whether or not Aragon is featured in the prequel to the LOTR trilogy- it would be much appreciated.

Hugo Weaving Elrond


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