I Am Number Four and Beastly prove that Alex Pettyfer is not a movie star

By Brad Sturdivant

I knew this after I saw I AM NUMBER FOUR, but it seems the rest of America is catching on to the fact that current Hollywood it-boy Alex Pettyfer is not a movie star.  Okay, technically starring in a movie makes you a movie “star” and sure, he’s good looking, but he has no charisma and can’t carry his own film.  What’s frustrating about this to me is that it’s quite obvious the guy doesn’t have that elusive “it” quality that publicists talk about, yet before his first movie hit theaters, Hollywood execs were naming him the next big thing.  What exactly did/do they see in the guy that no one else seems to?  Or maybe the bigger question is how long is it going to take for them to realize what the rest of us already know?

Alex Pettyfer

I’m not sure anyone can answer that question.  Several media outlets have reported that Pettyfer is a general pain in the rear to work with.  Reports have surfaced that he has refused to work until he got a pay raise and is generally obnoxious and difficult.  This alone isn’t enough to derail an actor’s career, but couple that with the cold reception his movies have gotten and it’s clear the kid doesn’t have a long career ahead of him.  America can look the other way when Christian Bale yells at his cinematographer or Shia LaBeouf wrecks his car; they were famous before their indiscretions.  Hearing that Alex Pettyfer locked himself in his trailer when he found out someone in the movie was making more money than him is inexcusable when you have zero hits on your film resume.  It’s also troubling that his house caught fire and he’s going crazy on Diana Agron.  You can’t mess with the Gleeks.

I Am Number Four 1

The sure sign that Alex Pettyfer isn’t a movie star is quite simple and obvious; his first two movies have been critical flops.  I AM NUMBER FOUR and BEASTLY aren’t the types of movies that would set box office records, but studio estimates had Four placing much higher than the $19.5 million it took in on its opening weekend and early numbers for BEASTLY are pointing to an $8 million opening.  But I could have looked the other way if there had been a variety of reasons the films were bad, other than the fact they starred Alex Pettyfer.  But his emotionless, dry portrayals of an alien teenager and a love struck teen did nothing to enhance the movies he was in.  He just doesn’t have the leading man quality that actors need in Hollywood.

Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly

Sometimes you see an actor in a movie and you just know they’re going to be stars some day.  Colin Farrell in TIGERLAND is a good, recent example of someone you just knew was going to be a star.  Heck, you even find them on TV in small parts, such as Bradley Cooper in ‘Alias’.  And sometimes you see someone that Hollywood wants you to think is a star that just doesn’t have it.  Alex Pettyfer is one such person.

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