I Am Number Four star Teresa Palmer may join Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Teresa Palmer is one of those actresses to keep an eye on. After her stint in last year’s Nicolas Cage flop THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE and then in her two films (which could also be considered flops) I AM NUMBER FOUR and TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, she has come away pretty unscathed and hasn’t had to bear the brunt of the smack talk her co-stars have endured. Which is probably why she has a shot to star alongside Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming zombie film (that is being described as “TWILIGHT meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD”) as the human girl who makes the zombie rethink his existence. WARM BODIES will be directed by Jonathan Levine and if Palmer joins the cast she will join the crew to start shooting sometime this summer.

First vampires had taken over Hollywood and now zombies. Not that I mind this influx in monster movies, but is anyone else getting sick of these two subjects?

Teresa Palmer

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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