Idris Elba officially replaces Tom Cruise in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A while ago, Idris Elba delivered some mysterious tweets, leading fanboys everywhere to speculate that he was circling Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED.  When he mentioned that he was auditioning for a “very controversial” part and “very controversial” director, we all just assumed it was going to be the very controversial Django for the consistently controversial Tarantino.  Never did we think it would be for the not remotely controversial PACIFIC RIM for the very uncontroversial Guillermo Del Toro.  Maybe there was a language barrier there.

Anyway, it looks like Elba will be playing the commanding officer to Charlie Hunnam’s character.  The part was originally re-written for Tom Cruise, but since he passed on the script, it’s being reverted back to the original character for Elba.  Along with Hunnam and now Elba, the film also stars Charlie Day.  Guillermo Del Toro is expected to start working on this soon.

Idris Elba

Source: Deadline

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