In A World… Blu-ray Review

If you are looking for a fun, unique flick, allow me to recommend the fresh film IN A WORLD… Written, directed and starring Lake Bell, this movie follows Carol, a vocal coach who is trying to break into the voice-over business. As he prepares to be honored with a lifetime achievement award for his years in the biz, Carol’s baritone sounding father consistently reminds her that females never make it in the voice-over industry. When movie execs decide to resurrect the movie trailer tagline “in a world”, Carol hopes to prove her father, Sam, and his protege, Gustav, wrong as they all vie for the chance to be the new owner of this iconic catchphrase.  With hilariously awkward moments this film is an entertaining ride that makes you want to hop in line and watch again.

Lake Bell in In A World
This quirky and smart script is brought to life with a perfectly assembled cast, each actor producing fantastic comedic moments. Along with Lake Bell, IN A WORLD… features Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Fred Melamed, Demetri Martin, Nick Offerman, Alexandra Holden, Gina Davis, and Michaela Watkins.  As you can imagine with this group of performers the fun and funny is found frequently throughout the picture.
 Lake Bell in In A World
It was refreshing to enjoy a picture that was more than just a girl pining over a guy or a female undergoing a total make-over transformation.  The characters in this film are flawed and far from perfection but their idiosyncrasies make the picture endearingly entertaining. Even the characters that were more like caricatures of outrageous Hollywood personas worked seamlessly with the other down to earth roles. Watching seasoned performers like Cameron Diaz and Eva Longoria jump in at the chance to participate in this lighthearted jab at the movie industry with the rest of the cast made the picture that much more entertaining.
Ken Marino in In A World
Lake Bell delivers with her take on Carol; from the outdated 90’s fashion to her driven yet aloof-ADHA personality, you cannot help but want to be her friend. Each time Bell is on screen she is in her element and has excellent chemistry with the rest of the cast. As a great number of the cast is in or has guested in an episode of the adult swim television show CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, you can tell that there is a level of comfort between the performers and Bell.  Even though she’s directed short films and several episodes of CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, IN A WORLD… was her first feature film to direct and she deserves a round of applause.

Lake Bell in In A World

IN A WORLD… is a film that I can recommend for anyone who wants to be entertained with easy yet smart laughs.  This film can be watched multiple times; it is one of those movies where you can catch more fantastic lines or quote along while laughing just as much as you did during the first viewing.
Audio (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1): Sharp clear sound, perfect for all of the voice-overs.
Video (2.40:1): Great picture, exactly what we’ve come to expect from Blu-ray discs.
Audio Commentary: Lake Bell (writer, director and star of IN A WORLD…) delivers an informative and entertaining commentary that is easy to listen to and enjoy.
Deleted Scenes: Nine deleted scenes running approximately 15 minutes in length, you can watch them all by clicking the fabulous Play All button. These great moments were appropriately cut from the film but are still entertaining to watch. The alternate opening sequence was one I enjoyed the most.
Gag Reel (3:57): Usually I find gag reels to be moments that the cast/crew found to be hilarious but are boring for the viewer. Even with this typical gag reel there are some laugh out loud moments that made it fun.
IN A WORLD…Promos: Five different promos running close to 6minutes in length, these are funny  quips where cast members promote IN A WORLD… and ask (sometimes beg) you to watch the film.

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