Indiana Jones officially belongs to Disney, so what's next?

Indiana Jones

When Disney paid billions for Lucasfilm, all of the attention was on the Star Wars property, complete with announcements of sequels and standalone films.  But a lot of fans were left wondering what was to become of Lucasfilm’s other giant franchise, Indiana Jones.  Disney made a statement that they had no plans for the famous fedora, but when reading between the lines, it was clear that there were still some legal issues to work out with Paramount before they could focus on bringing Indy back to the big screen.

Today, it looks like those issues have been ironed out as Disney has officially announced that they’ve struck a deal with Paramount for all future Indiana Jones movies.  Paramount will continue to own distribution rights to the previous four films and will take a cut of all profits on future films, but basically the franchise belongs to Disney.  Now the fun questions begin, such as how soon will we see Indy back on the big screen?  Is there any way they can pretend Crystal Skull didn’t happen?  Are they going to bring back Spielberg?  So many questions left to be answered, but I’m sure Disney has a plan. (Disney)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a wild speculation; I think this has something to do with Harrison Ford and Star Wars.  I believe that Disney had always planned on grabbing the rights to Indiana Jones, but I also think Ford had something to do to get this moving so quickly.  My guess; he made doing another Indiana Jones movie part of the deal to come back to Star Wars.  He’s always been quick to praise Indy, but has never shown much interest in revisiting Han Solo.  It’s pure speculation, but I thought I’d throw it out there for permanent record in case one day it proves to be true.

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