Is Chris Evans Captain America?

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

This is now the billionth rumor I’ve posted about CAPTAIN AMERICA and that’s coming from someone that absolutely hates following rumors in Hollywood.  Everyone has an “exclusive” and “inside sources” that usually turn out to be nothing.  But the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter have it on good authority that Chris Evans has in fact been offered the role of Captain America.  And yes, I chose those words carefully because it was very clear that he has not accepted the role yet and no one in a position of power is commenting on the situation.  One possible problem to this going down is the fact that Evans has lined up a few projects already, including WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER with Anna Faris and PUNCTURE.

If he takes the role, he’ll of course have to sign on for several sequels, not to mention bit parts in the other Marvel franchises and of course, THE AVENGERS.  Hopefully, we’ll hear something official and this won’t turn out to be bogus like the John Krasinski as Captain America rumor.

captain america

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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