Is Eddie Murphy really working on Nutty Professor 3?

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’m a little upset at Eddie Murphy because he’s degraded himself so much and he’s done so many bad movies for so long that it’s not even enjoyable to make fun of him anymore.  He knows he’s not funny anymore and he’s knows he squandered away all of his talent and he seems to be cool with it.  So there’s no reason for anyone to point it out to him.  After the misfires that were MEET DAVE, IMAGINE THAT, NORBIT, etc., etc., it’s no surprise that he’s going back to the well that is THE NUTTY PROFESSOR.

He admitted to Access Hollywood that he’s writing the script for the third film and that it “might be kind of funny” (his words, not mine).  It’s funny that he said it like that because even though he gave an honest assessment of the script, chances are good it’s not funny at all.  So you can add this to the list of sequels you’re not looking forward to.

Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor 2

Source: Access Hollywood

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