Is Mike Myers officially back on for Austin Powers 4?

Posted by: Zack Bruce

About six months ago, there were talks that AUSTIN POWERS 4 would come back into our lives in the near future. Then as soon as the news came it went and no one has heard anything about it since then. Over the weekend the internet went wild with the report that Mike Myers had officially signed on for the fourth film in the franchise. But according to Deadline, there’s no reason to get excited over it yet.

The exact details of the deal between New Line and Myers are unknown due to some dealings in the past. Back in 2008, Myers was offered the opportunity to do a Dr. Evil film in which the villain would get closer with is son, Scott (Seth Green). After the complete and total failure of THE LOVE GURU, screenwriter of THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME and GOLDMEMBER, Mike McCullers didn’t write the Dr. Evil script then the franchise just sat in limbo.

Cut back to six months ago, Myers was offered a deal by New Line and never got back to the studio. So after thinking that Myers didn’t want to get involved again with the international spy, the actor’s reps finally showed some interest this past week. However, no one is sure if this is for an AUSTIN POWERS 4 or the Dr. Evil film. Until the details are outlined, we have no idea which project will go forward.

 Austin Powers

Source: HitFix, Deadline

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