Is Quentin Tarantino really going to direct a reboot of The Shadow?

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

As all Quentin Tarantino fans know painfully well, there are few people in Hollywood that get rumored projects more than Tarantino.  Between films, he can be set to direct numerous films before he actually starts making one of them.  So until he’s on location and behind the camera, physically filming a scene, I refuse to believe he will direct the film.  So with that caveat in place, the latest rumor has Tarantino attached to write and direct a reboot of THE SHADOW.  If that seems strange to you, then join the club.  Although the original radio show had a little bit of a “pulpy” feel to it, I just can’t imagine Tarantino jumping on board.

The main reason the rumor seems farfetched is because of the 1994 film with Alec Baldwin.  Yes, that version was pretty bad, but I don’t remember an outcry from fans seeking a more faithful telling of the story.  Although Quentin can do no wrong in my book, I have no interest in him taking on something like this.  But truth be told, if he directs or writes it, I’ll go see it anyway.

Quentin Tarantino

Source: Pajiba

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