Isla Fisher will join Jennifer Aniston and John Hawkes in The Switch

Isla Fisher

Some of you may remember a little Quentin Tarantino film called JACKIE BROWN that was released back in 1997. Well that film was based on a novel called “Rum Punch” from author Elmore Leonard. Now there is a film based on another novel by Leonard called “The Switch”, which is a prequel to “Rum Punch” and basically follows some of the same characters from JACKIE BROWN. So really THE SWITCH (which is not the current title of the movie, but what we’ll use for reference) is a prequel to JACKIE BROWN, but has none of the former actors or directors involved. With me so far? Well, THE SWITCH is gathering together a cast and today Isla Fisher has joined Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes, Mos Def and Ty Burrell. The film will follow the characters of Ordell and Louis (Hawkes and Mos Def) who kidnap a corrupt real estate agents wife (Jennifer Aniston) for ransom. Unfortunately, the husband doesn’t comply with their request so things get a little complicated. Isla Fisher will play the same role Bridget Fonda played in JACKIE BROWN, and Ty Burrell will be a witness to the kidnapping. So what do you think about that?

No word on when production is set to start for THE SWITCH (remember, working title) but stay tuned for further casting announcements and shooting schedules. (Variety)

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