Jack Bauer is coming to the big screen in a 24 movie

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I always thought that the X-Files did it right as far as timing goes when it came to turning a TV show into a movie.  When they hit the fifth season, they were in their prime and the desire for a movie was at an all time high.  The movie ended up being successful and everybody won.  Of course, the second movie is a different story.  Sex and the City did it well too, making a movie shortly after the show ended, given that the show (in some eyes) ended too soon.

But ‘24’ is a different story because most people will agree that the show is winding down and fan interest is probably at a low point.  So news of a movie seems to be more of an effort to milk the franchise than to tell a bigger, better story.  But apparently, screenwriter Billy Ray (STATE OF PLAY) pitched an idea that everyone loved.  All we know about it is that Bauer will be headed to Europe.  Of course, it’s way too early to go buy your tickets, but it seems like Fox and the talent involved are interested in making a ‘24’ movie a reality.

jack bauer

Source: Variety

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