Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin do some bird watching in the first look at The Big Year

Posted by: Zack Bruce

How have I never heard of THE BIG YEAR? It stars Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin. What a cool cast! Wait, there’s more! Jim Parson, Joel McHale, Rashida Jones and Anjelica Huston are in the film as well. Is this a Wes Anderson vehicle? Actually, it’s not. MARLEY & ME director David Frankel is the helmer on this one.

There’s not much for a plot except that Black, Wilson and Martin all play avid bird watchers who compete to find rare birds at an annual event. I never saw MARLEY & ME but Frankel did do a couple of episodes of BAND OF BROTHERS. He also directed Anne Hathaway in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. I only saw that because my girlfriend made me watch it. It was payback for making her watch RAMBO.

The first photo from the film shows the main stars in their bird watching gear. I never knew that bird watching required an interesting hat. I’ll remember to get one if I ever take up the hobby. Does a beer dispensing hat work?

The Big Year

Source: Cinema Blend

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