Jack Nicholson could play Robert Downey Jr.'s dad in The Judge

Jack Nicholson

Looks like veteran actor Jack Nicholson is being courted to make an appearance on the big screen in the upcoming dramedy THE JUDGE, as father to Robert Downey Jr. Though he doesn’t take many roles these days (he is 75 years-old after all), if Jack Nicholson decides to join the cast he would play a judge who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. When his wife dies, his son (Robert Downey Jr.) comes home to discover that his father might also be a suspect. Of course, the two guys reconnect while trying to figure out what really happened to the former lady of the house. THE JUDGE is being directed by David Dobkin.

No word on when production is scheduled to start on THE JUDGE, but if Jack Nicholson passes on the project they still need to find an age appropriate lead to fill the position, so stay tuned for further updates. (THR)

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