Jackie Earle Haley talks Sinestro Rumors

Posted by: Kristy

Jackie Earle Haley has been making buzz lately with the rumors swirling he will be playing Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern film with Ryan Reynolds. Sinestro is the former mentor and current arch-nemesis of Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern) and Haley would be a great choice to take on the character.  Haley recently spoke with MTV regarding the rumors and unfortunately, his casting is news to him as he found out about the rumor from MTV and not from his agent or a casting director.  He mentioned he’d be open to the role but as of today, has not been approached.  It should be noted that the internet has been responsible for two of his previous roles including Rorschach from WATCHMEN and Freddy Krueger in the upcoming remake/reboot.


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