Jame Cameron meets with Marc Webb about shooting Spider-man 4 in 3D

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A lot of you may not remember, but in the early 90’s, James Cameron was heavily involved with trying to get a Spider-man movie made.  He even wrote the script and was ready to start filming.  Unfortunately, there was a ton of legal trouble around Spidey at the time and by the time it all got sorted out (it took over 10 years), Cameron had moved on.  So it’s interesting that it’s coming full circle and now MTV has word that Mr. Cameron met with the director of the upcoming Spider-man reboot, Marc Webb about possibly using some of the 3D technology from AVATAR in the new Spidey film.

I think it’s great for Cameron to be involved in any manner with a new Spider-man film, but the thought of combining the amazing 3D technology of Avatar with a real-world scenario is incredible.  I hope Marc is open to Cameron’s ideas and they can create something new and cool for Spider-man fans.

James Cameron on the set of Avatar

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