James Cameron eyeing Fantastic Voyage

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

James Cameron is considering producing the film FANTASTIC VOYAGE.  The 3-D and digital technology driven film follows a scientist who will die if his five co-workers don’t help him by miniaturizing and injecting themselves into his bloodstream to ward off the disease.  FANTASTIC VOYAGE will most likely be in production during the same time as the sequels to AVATAR.  Look for the first in the series of AVATAR adventures on December 18, 2009.

You’ll find an article on our site that talks about putting Michael Bay in check and I think the same could be said for Mr. Cameron.  Although he does make awesome films I think he may be getting a little ahead of himself with the AVATAR sequels.  Although AVATAR looks like it could be a fun time I’m not convinced it will live up to the hype–I’m not on the AVATAR bandwagon yet but I’ll keep you posted if I decide to hop on.

James Cameron

Source: Variety

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