James Cameron possibly directing 3D Cleopatra epic starring Angelina Jolie

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Sony Pictures Entertainment and James Cameron are looking into producing and directing a 3D version of an epic Cleopatra story adapting from the Stacy Schiff book Cleopatra: A Life. As you may know, Elizabeth Taylor starred in the 1963 big budget CLEOPATRA. Amy Pascal of Sony Pictures is eager to get the PG-13 picture fast tracked with Angelina Jolie attached to star. Jolie has apparently always been interested in the role, having this to say about the Queen of the Nile.

“I haven’t done a historical epic of that nature and she’s always been fascinating to me because I feel like, as much of her story has been done big, it’s never been done accurately. Not that any movie can get history perfectly well. There is no universal truth to history in some films, but you can get closer and I feel there’s a lot that has been unexplored about her. But there’s a lot that would have to come together for that to work.”

A lot has come together now with Bran Helgeland having written what has been described as a “brilliant script deserving of epic treatment.” Helgeland wrote the screenplay with only Jolie in mind. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Cleopatra other than Jolie. She is one of the most bankable stars and really wants to do it so she is basically a lock. Then you throw in the king of big pictures James Cameron (TITANIC, AVATAR) in the mix, and you’ve practically guaranteed success.


Source: Deadline

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