James Franco, Heather Graham and Ashley Hinshaw star in the About Cherry red band trailer

A new trailer for the porn drama ABOUT CHERRY, starring James Franco, Heather Graham, Ashley Hinshaw and Dev Patel, has been released and it looks pretty fascinating. The film opens in a limited release this weekend and has been available on Video On Demand for a while, but I don’t expect the film to be a big hit at the box office. I just don’t think the general population is quite ready for such a risqué drama, even though BOOGIE NIGHTS was quite successful. I have a feeling ABOUT CHERRY will push the envelope a little more than BOOGIE NIGHTS did.

Here’s the official synopsis for ABOUT CHERRY: Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw) is an 18-year-old on the verge of finishing high school, rushing to escape her broken family life. After reluctantly taking nude photos at her boyfriend’s (Jonny Weston) behest, she takes the cash to skip town with her best friend (Dev Patel). Angelina gets a job cocktailing in a San Francisco strip club where she meets Frances (James Franco), an affluent lawyer who introduces her to a high-class world beyond her wildest dreams. At the same time, Angelina begins exploring San Francisco’s porn industry, using the moniker Cherry, under the wing of a former performer turned adult film director (Heather Graham).

Directed by Stephen Elliot, ABOUT CHERRY stars: James Franco, Heather Graham, Lili Taylor, Dev Patel and Ashley Hinshaw. It hits theaters on September 21st, 2012, check out the red band trailer below.

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