James Mangold to direct a remake of City State

Posted by: Zack Bruce

After he does THE WOLVERINE, James Mangold will do a remake of Olaf de Fleur Johannesson’s CITY STATE.

Now this isn’t a film that’s been out for awhile. In fact, it only recently premiered last week.

The film is set in the Icelandic underworld and deals with four people whose lives intersect when a foreign mafia decides to take control of the Icelandic drug market. There is a crooked police captain in love with a prostitute, an aging crime boss with a heart condition looking to get out of the game alive, a mechanic determined to avenge the death of his unborn child, and a female cop who is attacked by thugs and takes matters into her own hands.

How crazy is it to do a remake of a film after it just premiered? I would have at least given it a little time with audiences before busting this out. It’s okay to do an American version of the film but does this film need an American version? I have no idea because I have yet to see it.

THE WOLVERINE begins filming next spring.

James Mangold

Source: Deadline

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