Jamie Foxx and Bruce Willis are Kane & Lynch

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Unless Bruce Willis has changed his mind since he first agreed to be Adam “Kane” Marcus in 2008, he will be joined onscreen by Jamie Foxx in the upcoming video game adaptation KANE & LYNCH.  Foxx will be playing James Lynch in the film about two strange characters that team up to retrieve a stolen microchip.  Kane is a tough mercenary while Lynch is a schizophrenic killer.  Former stunt coordinator Simon Crane will be directing.

Jamie Foxx has had a series of subpar films, but I actually really like the idea of him playing a character like this.  Lynch is going to allow him to go crazy with the role and he has the talent to really do something great with the character.  I also hope Bruce is still attached as I was looking forward to him playing the tough-guy Kane.

Kane and Lynch

Source: Variety

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