Jamie Foxx and Ken Jeong will team up for two new films

Jamie Foxx and Ken Jeong

Jamie Foxx and Ken Jeong seem like an unlikely pair onscreen, but the two have apparently taken a liking to each other and have decided to team up for a pair of films that they have written and will star in.

The film written by Ken Jeong is called AFTER PROM and will partner Jeong and Jamie Foxx as old high school buddies who now have to navigate their own kids through the process of their high school prom.

The film written by Jamie Foxx is called ALL-STAR WEEKEND and will follow two friends who are avid basketball fans, though one likes Kobe Bryant while the other digs LeBron James. Jamie Foxx will only have cameo in this film and Ken Jeong will star alongside Kevin Hart.

Both films sound average, but with these two talented actors on the screen they do have potential to be pretty funny. No word on who will be directing these films or when production will begin, but hopefully they’ll be able to get the ball rolling soon. (LA Times)

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