Jamie Foxx and Ray coming to Blu-ray

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that the 2004 Oscar nominated film RAY, starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Taylor Hackford, will be released on Blu-ray February 1, 2011.  The film follows the life of music great Ray Charles, from his humble beginnings to his eventual hall of fame status.  RAY  also gave Jamie Foxx his Academy Award for Best Actor and catapulted him onto the A-list in Hollywood.

For a moment, I thought that I hadn’t see Jamie Foxx in awhile and stuck him in the same category as Cuba Gooding, Jr. (as in won an Oscar and then started doing drivel).  However, upon further investigation, I realized that he has been in quite a few decent films since RAY, including: LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, DREAMGIRLS, and THE SOLOIST. Although these haven’t given him the recognition that RAY did, it still proves he’s a great actor that chooses good films and hopefully he will find another gem that will put him back on top permanently.  Special features for the Blu-ray include:

Artwork Coming Soon

Ray Blu-ray

  • Deleted scenes with commentary by director Taylor Hackford
  • Feature Commentary with Director Taylor Hackford
  • Extended musical scenes
  • Stepping into the Part
  • Ray Remembered
  • Ray: An American Story
  • Introduction by director Taylor Hackford
  • U-Control: Scene Companion and the Music of Ray
  • The Women of Ray
  • The Filmmakers’ Journey
  • A Look Inside Ray
  • pocket BLU
  • My Scenes
  • U-Hear

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