Jamie Foxx and Benicio Del Toro join Harmony Korine’s The Trap

I was in the minority, but I thought director Harmony Korine’s last directorial effort, SPRING BREAKERS, was almost unwatchable.  I know critics that loved it because the direction was so stylish, but to me, it was a jumbled mess of a movie with no clear thought put into the direction or editing.  So keep that in mind when I tell you my interest for his next project is pretty low.  But he’s enlisted the help of two stars I actually enjoy in Jamie Foxx and Benicio Del Toro, who will be leading his next film, THE TRAP.

We don’t have a whole lot of details about the plot, but we do know the film will follow two childhood friends, one of which goes on to become very successful while the other turns to a life of crime.  The film will focus on the less successful friend’s obsession with revenge on his other friend once he gets out of prison.  We’ll see if Korine can capture some of the “magic” from SPRING BREAKERS.  I’m guessing since THE TRAP doesn’t feature young girls in bikinis, it will have a tougher time finding an audience. (Variety)

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