January Jones reveals scheduling details of X-Men: First Class

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It’s not really been any surprise that X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has had to rush around to stay on schedule and keep on top of things. The film was announced last May and was immediately scheduled for a June release the next year. There have been some rumblings that things are hectic and assistant directors are shooting the film while director Matthew Vaughn is editing, but today January Jones, who will play Emma Frost, has let some more details leak about just how crazy the shoot has really been. She says in a statement:

Poor (director) Matthew Vaughn is going to have to edit it in three days. That’s been a blast. We’ve all had so much fun making that movie. I think it was unrealistic for them to think they were going to make such a huge movie in whatever we had — two months or something. So of course we went over (schedule). I think I have a couple more days to shoot…  We’re almost done. The fact we’ve had to push the wrap date but they haven’t moved the release date is really interesting to me. I guess they must know what they’re doing. I have a lot of faith in Matthew as a director and an editor; I think his movies are great. And I think they’ve been cutting as we’ve been going. We should be fine.

Poor Matthew Vaughn indeed. With only a couple of months left until release he’s sure to be burning the midnight oil to make sure everything is as close to what he visualizes as possible. I think it’s past the point of pushing back the film since the summer is pretty packed and they’ve already spent oodles of money in marketing. But really, after watching the trailer for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, I think it’ll be fine even if Vaughn doesn’t get to do everything he really wants to do. Afterall, that’s what Blu-ray special editions are for.

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Source: Canoe.ca

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