Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds swap bodies in the red band trailer for The Change-Up.

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I love it when trailers prove me wrong about a movie.  When I first read the synopsis for THE CHANGE-UP, I immediately complained that it was going to be like every other body-swap movie and completely wrote it off.  Then I get a look at the red band trailer and I was laughing out loud.  However, the only thing they’ve done is take the basic body-swap routine and made it more…adult than other movies.  I just hope the movie can live up to the trailer.

The film stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds who play two guys with very different lives; one is a married man with kids and the other is a womanizing playboy.  But things get crazy when they make a half-hearted wish that actually comes true and they “swap” bodies.  The film also stars Alan Arkin, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde and is directed by David Dobkin.  THE CHANGE-UP hits theaters on August 5th.

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up

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