Jason Bateman confirms Arrested Development coming back to TV before it comes to theaters

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

While speaking at The New Yorker Festival, ‘Arrested Development’ creator Mitch Hurowitz dropped some big-time news regarding the planned ‘Arrested Development’ movie.  Rumors have been swirling around this project since the show prematurely went off the air, but this is the closest we’ve come to getting something concrete.  But what’s more, Hurowitz said that the show would be coming back for 9 or 10 more TV episodes before the movie.  When the show was cancelled, there was news circling that other networks were interested, but since then, there really hasn’t been much news regarding a return to television.  But Hurowitz said the show would come back for several episodes, with each one focusing on a specific member of the Bluth family.  The logic being that it would give fans an update on each character before the eventual movie.

But for those of us that have been longing for an AD movie, this was merely another in a long line of wishful thinking from someone involved with the show.  That is, until Jason Bateman took to his Twitter account to confirm the news by saying “It’s true. We will do 10 episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early ’13. VERY excited!”  So there you have it folks; it looks like we haven’t seen the end of ‘Arrested Development’.

Arrested Development

Source: NY Times

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