Jason Bateman lines up Game Night

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is about to have a busy 2013.  His new movie IDENTITY THIEF opens up this weekend and then he has the long awaited return of his show ‘Arrested Development’ due to hit Netflix in May.  But the well-liked funnyman isn’t stopping there, he’s just signed on to produce and star in the ensemble comedy GAME NIGHT, based off a pitch from Mark Perez.  The film follows a group of couples that meet up on the same night every week to play games.  But one night, something goes wrong and they get involved in an all-too-real murder mystery.

So it sounds like a mash-up of DATE NIGHT, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE and CLUE.  It’s tough to judge a movie based on a brief description, but as much as I like Jason Bateman, I’d like to see him star in something more original and more suited to his comedic stylings.  But he seems to have found his niche.  The film still needs a director and other actors, so there’s no start date yet.  (Deadline)

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