Jason Bateman will direct and star in Bad Words

Jason Bateman

It could be argued that Jason Bateman is one of the hottest comic commodities in Hollywood. With his recent string of big screen successes (THE SWITCH, HORRIBLE BOSSES and THE CHANGE-UP and not be mention Arrested Development) he’s one of those seasoned actors that I’m sure directors are lining up to work with. Unfortunately for those directors, Jason Bateman has been wanting to show-off his skills behind the camera and has found his first directorial project.

Looks like Jason Bateman will both star in and direct the Black Listed comedy from writer Andrew Dodge, BAD WORDS. BAD WORDS follows a thirtysomething who is fed up with his life. In order to spice things up he decides to enter a kid’s spelling bee by taking advantage of a loophole he’s found. Does that not sound hilarious and a perfect role for young-at-heart actor Jason Bateman? Since Jason Bateman has several other projects in the queue including another ten episodes of Arrested Development (YAY!), it may be a good year before BAD WORDS starts up but all good things must take time and I’m happy to wait. (Variety)

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