Jason Segel joins Cameron Diaz and Lucy Punch in Bad Teacher

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The naturally funny Jason Segel will star as a gym teacher in the upcoming comedy BAD TEACHER.  Cameron Diaz stars as a raunchy, gold digging teacher that starts a feud with a fellow teacher (Lucy Punch) who is dating another teacher.  Segel will play a gym teacher, John Michael Higgins will play the principal.  It seems all the major parts are cast except the teacher Punch’s character is dating.  Jake Kadan (WALK HARD) will be directing.

It sounds like Segel’s part will be limited in the overall story, but this also sounds like a role where people will walk out saying “it was okay, but that gym teacher was hilarious”.  I’m not the biggest Cameron Diaz fan, but I do prefer her in comedies…well…except for WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.

Jason Segel

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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