Jason Statham in a very colorful first look at Hummingbird

Though I love watching Jason Statham movies when I need an action fix, I’m starting to question his judgment in role choices. For every blockbuster like THE EXPENDABLES or THE EXPENDABLES 2, he has at least half a dozen films that are so average they can barely be called B-movies and may almost venture in the realm of TV films. That may be harsh and I hate to say it but his massive acting and action skills just aren’t being utilized in Hollywood enough.

Which leads us to the next Jason Statham film, HUMMINGBIRD, which will be the directorial debut of EASTERN PROMISES writer Steven Knight. HUMMINGBIRD follows a man with a dark past (Jason Statham) who lives the high life in London, but decides to hunt down the guys who killed his girlfriend. We know a lot of action will be taking place, but hopefully with Steven Knight helming the film we’ll get a little more story than usual. EASTERN PROMISES was an outstanding film so if Knight can just bring a little bit of that to HUMMINGBIRD then he just might be able to put Jason Statham back on the track to the big time. HUMMINGBIRD has no release date yet, but expect to see it in theaters next year. (Kinopoisk)

Jason Statham in Hummingbird

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