Jason Statham may replace Eric Bana in Echelon

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Eric Bana has dropped out of the action thriller ECHELON which is an adaptation of the novel Firewall by Andy McNab. Today we learn that Jason Statham is interested in boarding the film, but has not made any deals yet. We all know that Statham is no stranger to action thrillers, but does anyone else want to see him branch out a bit? The short synopsis is as follows:

Nick Stone (Statham), an SAS soldier who finds himself caught between the Russian Mafia and western secret agents trying to get their hands on the Echelon computer program.

Let’s be clear here, I like Jason Statham and he’s given me hope in the action genre, but this sounds so interchangeable with all his other films it doesn’t even really sound interesting. However, if I see a trailer with him hoping over fences, punching and kicking bad guys and driving cars really fast- it may intrigue me for a little while. What can I say, I’m weak for a good action flick.

Jason Statham

Source: Deadline

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