Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy are looking to team in Susan Cooper

Jason Statham

Although we all know and love Jason Statham for his second rate action movies, don’t forget that the British tough guy actually got his start doing somewhat comedic roles in LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and SNATCH.  The argument could be made that those are two of his best films, so there’s reason to be excited at the news he may be returning to the comedy genre.  Apparently, Jason Statham is eying the film SUSAN COOPER with Melissa McCarthy.  According to Deadline, Jason Statham met with director Paul Feig about the film and a deal should be getting worked soon.

In the film, Melissa McCarthy will play a bumbling secret agent and Jason Statham will play a fellow secret agent.  So it kind of feels like a gender reversal of GET SMART, which is fine by me.  I wasn’t as big of a fan of THE HEAT as most people, but I like the idea of Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy teaming up.  Obviously, everything still needs to be signed, so we don’t have a start date just yet.  Right now, Jason Statham is busy filming FAST AND FURIOUS 7.

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