Javier Bardem will head to The Dark Tower

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Javier Bardem has been circling the role of Roland Deschain for what feels like forever (but it’s really only been two months) and now he seems to be very close to signing a deal with Universal to become the gunslinger. The series (seven novels) from Stephen King will be a ridiculously large franchise that spans: television, film, video games and possibly comics and graphic novels. Ron Howard is set to direct the first installment of the film franchise as well as the first television segment (or season I would presume). Production is set to start this fall with the entire thing to probably launch in 2013. If Bardem signs on, he would be optioned for two more films, but probably not more television seasons as the second and third will be more along the line of prequels. Universal and Howard appear to be confident enough with Bardem boarding that Howard is starting to look for the rest of the cast, so stay tuned for more announcements.

I have to admit that this project excites me. I love the thought of spanning a story over different platforms, but I hope that the majority of the story will be through film and television. I’m not sure how many people over the age of 30 are going to start reading graphic novels or play video games to get more storyline.

Javier Bardem

Source: Deadline

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