Jay Baruchel set to pen Random Acts of Violence and Exorcism Diaries

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Watch out Hollywood, Jay Baruchel is slowly taking over multiple aspects of your industry. The young comedian has recently taken on two interesting writing projects  the first being an adaptation of the comic RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE which is a story about two comic creators and their character Slasherman who find success in their books. Although things start to go wrong when people start dying in the middle of their signing tour and they realize that their creation may be coming to life.

The other project is set up at Summit Entertainment called EXORCISM DIARIES which is based on the book “The Real Story Behind The Exorcist” by Mark Opsasnick. The story follows a journalist who is trying to report on the most famous exorcism known to man but discovers that this particular story had yet to be concluded. On her path for truth she will end up being pursued by the one thing she sought.

Both projects sound interesting so we’ll be on the lookout for news. We’ll also be keeping an eye on Baruchel’s other pet-project called GOON which he co-wrote with Evan Goldberg about hockey. Which sounds great because there really aren’t enough hockey movies in the world, and I’m being dead serious here.

Jay Baruchel

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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