Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren cause trouble in the new Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning trailer

Just yesterday a poster for the upcoming Jean-Claude Van Damme film UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING was released and today we’re getting a new trailer. I love it when that happens. I suppose if you enjoyed the first four or five UNIVERSAL SOLDIER films then you may like this new edition, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. You can check out the new UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING trailer below.

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING follows John (Scott Adkins) who wakes up from a coma after being attacked in a home invasion that resulted in the death of his wife and child. He decides to exact revenge on the guy responsible, Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) but along the way will have to fend off various Universal Soldiers that are being led by their leader Andrew Scott (Dolph Lundgren). Directed by John Hyams, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins, Kristopher Van Varenberg, James Rawlings Andrei Arlovski and David Jensen. The film hits On Demand on October 25th and will be in theaters on November 30th, 2012.

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