Jean Dujardin joins Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf Of Wall Street

Jean Dujardin

Jean Dujardin may be a huge star in his native country, France, but it takes more than one Oscar win and one successful movie to make it in Hollywood.  So after recently signing with a major talent agency, it seems Jean Dujardin is serious about making sure American audiences don’t forget about him and has just signed on to star in the long in development THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.  Starring in a Martin Scorsese picture is a good way to make a name for yourself and considering Scorsese’s new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio is in the starring role, this will be a chance for Jean Dujardin to prove he’s just as great in front of the camera when he’s speaking and not just when he’s making elaborate facial expressions.

Of course, anyone that watched an interview with Jean Dujardin knows that the guy doesn’t speak the best English in the world, but we have to assume that he’s been practicing over the last six months.  But in the film, he’ll actually be playing a Swiss banker that helps the main character launder money.  To refresh your memory, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET is based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort and focuses on his career in the 80′s and 90′s, where he was a drug and sex addicted stockbroker in New York who refused to cooperate in a big time fraud case.

Leonardo DiCaprio is playing Belfort while Jonah Hill is set to play his best friend that helps him get through it all.  Adding in Jean Dujardin makes an already interesting cast that much better.  There’s no release date set for THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, but filming is set to start this summer, so it makes sense they could be eying an awards run towards the end of 2013 (Variety)

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