Jeff Bridges, Alex Pettyfer and Jennifer Lawrence team up for The Seventh Son

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Late last month we reported that Alex Pettyfer was dismissing his offer to star in the young adult novel adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS which would co-star Lily Collins, to star in another franchise called THE LAST APPRENTICE. Apparently, he is still negotiating to star in that film along with Jennifer Lawrence, but they have already signed on Jeff Bridges and have changed the title to THE SEVENTH SON. Sometimes it’s tough to keep all these titles straight. Anyhow, those are most likely the three names to star in this film set in the 1700’s about Thomas J. Ward (to be played by Pettyfer), who is the seventh son of a seventh son, which gives him a special ability to see creatures of the dark.  He trains under an exorcist (Bridges) to become a Spook and fight evil, in all forms including witches or those suspected to be witches(which is what Jennifer Lawrence would be playing).

Now that Bridges has officially signed on, it’s a very good chance that deals will be made quickly with Lawrence and Pettyfer so director Sergey Bodrov can get this show on the road.

Jeff Bridges Golden Globe

Source: JustJared

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