Jeffrey Dean Morgan will open the Dibbuk Box this Halloween

Posted by:Kristy Sturdivant

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is slowly picking up steam in Hollywood since his role in 2009’s WATCHMEN.  His next project will be a horror film called DIBBUK BOX and is set for a release this coming Halloween season (October 28th to be exact). According to Jewish lore, The Dibbuk Box (or Haunted Jewish Winebox) contains a spirit full of hate and vengeance that curses all who open it.  You may have heard of these little gems as they were quite the talk on Ebay awhile back.  In the film DIBBUK BOX, Morgan will play a recently divorced father whose young daughter acquires a small wooden box from a yard sale that leads to strange and terrifying behaviors. He then learns that it holds a spirit that is sucking the soul out of his daughter. DIBBUK BOX will be directed by Ole Bornedal.

Even though Dibbuk Boxes are real, there have never been any soul sucking demons attached and most owners just report mildly strange occurrences.  Even so, I would think twice before finding one on Ebay.

Source: Variety

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