Jennifer Connelly may finally join Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman in Noah

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly‘s name has been thrown around for Darren Aronofsky’s (BLACK SWAN) upcoming film NOAH for a couple of months now, but it looks like today she is finally and officially in negotiations to star in the film alongside Russell Crowe, Emma Watson (who I’m guessing is replacing Saoirse Ronan), Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth and Ray Winstone.

NOAH follows the biblical tale of Noah (Russell Crowe) who is given an order by God to build an ark so that he can save his family as well as two of every kind of animal. Jennifer Connelly would play Noah’s wife and Ray Winstone would play the villain who angers God enough to wipe out the planet. Surely Emma Watson and Logan Lerman will be playing the spawn of Noah and his wife who will also be safe on the boat. Production should start this summer and I’m sure we’ll be hearing some more casting news and maybe get a look at some of the sets. No doubt this will be an epic blockbuster that will be a sight to see. (Variety)

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