Jennifer Lawrence and Alex Pettyfer may star in Hunger Games

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It seems like we’ve posted over 100 stories about possible casting news for the upcoming HUNGER GAMES, but as much as we’ve reported rumors, we still don’t have any facts.  But all indications that the film will star Alex Pettyfer in the male lead and Jennifer Lawrence in the female lead.  Lawerence was one of several actresses up for the role, including Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin and Emily Browning.  I actually figured after Pettyfer was attached, it might inspire some of the actresses to drop out.

The film will be directed by Gary Ross and is about a brave 16 year-old girl that steps in for her little sister when she gets randomly chosen to compete in the hunger games.  The hunger games take place in a cruel future where the USA is only made up of 12 districts where contestants are randomly chosen to take place in a deadly televised competition.  Pettyfer would play a baker’s son that also gets randomly chosen.  Expect formal casting announcements soon.  Oh, by the way, at this year’s Oscars (where Lawrence was nominated for her work in WINTER’S BONE), Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in her red dress (see below).

Jennifer Lawrence

Source: Deadline

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