Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper star in a new trailer for The Silver Linings Playbook


After winning the audience award at the Toronto International Film Festival, THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK became an instant Oscar contender.  The film has received great reviews so far, has two great lead actors and a director in David O. Russell that has gotten close to Oscar success in the past.  That’s usually a good sign the film is going to do well come awards season.  To capitalize on its recent TIFF glory, The Weinstein Company has given us a new trailer for the film.  Everything I’ve seen from the film so far has made it look great and this trailer is no exception.  This should be more than enough to erase HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET from the minds of all you Jennifer Lawrence fans out there.

THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Julia Stiles, Anupam Kher, Chris Tucker, Shea Whigham and John Ortiz.  The David O. Russell film opens everywhere on November 21st.

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