Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell will team up again for The Ends Of The Earth

Jennifer Lawrence and David O Russell

Only a few days ago, it was announced that Jennifer Lawrence was going to reteam with her SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK director David O. Russell for the film that used to be called ‘American Bulls***’ but right now doesn’t have a name.  So I think it goes without saying that Russell and Jennifer Lawrence had a blast filming Playbook since the two are going to team up for a third time on the romantic drama THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.  The film is based on the true story of Lydie Marland (to be played by Jennifer Lawrence), who was a famous socialite that was well known for influencing her husband Ernest Marland to raise wages and take care of his employees with health care and other benefits.  Of course, the juicy bit about Lydie is that she was actually adopted by Ernest when she was younger and then later married him.  So no, Woody Allen was not the first person to marry his adoptive daughter.

There’s obviously a lot to Lydie’s story and supposedly, the script from Chris Terrio (ARGO) will focus on Ernest’s decline and various affairs.  It sounds like a juicy role for Jennifer Lawrence and another Oscar-chaser for David O. Russell.  (THR)

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