Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot star in the new trailer for House At The End Of The Street

Jennifer Lawrence in The House At The End Of The Street

When the first trailer for HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET first came out, I thought it looked like a normal PG-13 horror film, but I felt that they might be able to have a strange, exciting twist to keep audiences hooked.  That, coupled with THE HUNGER GAMES fame that Jennifer Lawrence is currently experiencing, would make for a moderately successful film.  The film may still find box office glory, but I’m a little angry at this second trailer.  I feel it gives the movie away and clearly explains the fact that the girl who killed her parents in said house is still alive, living in the house and that girl is what captures Jennifer Lawrence’s character.  If that’s all there is to it, then the marketing wizards behind this trailer need to be fired.  The movie looks about as pedestrian as they come, especially when you’re talking about horror movies (white tank top, missed cell phone calls, spooky people in the background, etc.), so the possibility of a twist at the end was going to be a big selling point.  I guess now all we have is Jennifer Lawrence in that white tank top.

The title of the film tells you all you need to know, but basically the film is about a mother and daughter (Jennifer Lawrence) that move next to a house where a young girl killed her parents.  There’s a teenage boy that currently lives there and despite her mother’s wishes, the daughter strikes up a friendship with the boy.  That’s when things get out of hand and the daughter discovers a dark secret in the house that she wasn’t supposed to learn.  Along with Jennifer Lawrence, the film stars Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot, Gil Bellows, Nolan Gerard Funk and Krista Bridges.  HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET will hit theaters on September 21st.

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