Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Amy Adams on the set of their new film

Jennifer Lawrence set

David O. Russell’s next film has begun production in Woburn, Massachusetts and today we get the first set photos of stars Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Amy Adams on set, with what appears to be a very heated Jennifer Lawrence.  As far as set photos go, they’re not going to give us a whole lot, but it’s a nice peek at what the three stars will look like in the still untitled film.

The film is set to star Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Louis C.K., Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.  The film used to be called ‘American Bullsh**’, but that title was dropped for obvious reasons.  The film is about a notorious con artist (Bale) who is forced to work for a high strung FBI agent (Cooper) to take down other con artists and bad guys.  Jennifer Lawrence will be playing Bale’s wife in the film while Jeremy Renner will play a politician and Amy Adams will play Renner’s wife. (ComingSoon)

Jennifer Lawrence set

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