Jennifer Lawrence set to star in The Ends of The Earth

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence shows no signs of slowing down in the next couple of years as she has just been attached to star in The Weinstein Company’s upcoming romantic drama THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. THE ENDS OF THE EARTH currently has no director, but with a screenplay by Chris Terrio (ARGO) and a star like Jennifer Lawrence, it’s sure to have some serious potential for some big awards when it finally hits the theaters.

THE ENDS OF THE EARTH follows Lydie Marland (Jennifer Lawrence) who was adopted by her uncle, oil tycoon Ernest Marland, when her father couldn’t take care of her. When Marland’s father passed away, Ernest annulled the adoption and married the then 28 year-old Lydie. The two had a successful marriage and Lydie pushed Ernest to up the wages for his employees as well as provide healthcare. Ernest’s company was eventually taken over and then decided to go into politics. When he passed away in 1941, Lydie ended up living her life in seclusion. Sound interesting? Apparently when the script made the rounds there was talk about a potential Oscar if it was made with the right actress and director. So since the Weinstein’s are behind this, expect to see a lot of promotions come Oscar season the year after its released. THE ENDS OF THE EARTH is supposed to start shooting next summer, stay tuned for more casting as well as news on landing a director. (Playlist)

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