Jennifer Lawrence will learn The Rules of Inheritance

Jennifer Lawrence

With a hit mega-franchise she’s starring in and another one she’s supporting in, an Oscar win and having proved she can carry even a lame horror film, Jennifer Lawrence can do just about anything she wants in Hollywood.  And supposedly, she wants to use her clout to her advantage and exercise more creative control over her pictures.  Sounds like a good plan to us, but remember; control doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with it.  In the case of Jennifer Lawrence, it sounds like she’s eying the right projects and now she’s added THE RULES OF INHERITANCE to her plate, which is the remarkable true coming of age story of a girl that learns both her parents have cancer (see the official synopsis of the book below).  The film doesn’t have a director yet, but the script was written by Abi Morgan (SHAME) and right now, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have anything filming after AMERICAN HUSTLE, so this could get going quickly. (Variety)

The official synopsis of Claire Bidwell Smith’s ‘The Rules of Inheritance’: At age fourteen, Claire Bidwell Smith-an only child- learned that both of her parents had cancer. The fear of becoming a family of one before she came of age compels Claire to make a series of fraught choices, set against the glittering backdrop of New York and Los Angeles – and the pall of regret. When the inevitable happens, and Claire is alone in the world, she is inconsolable at the revelation that suddenly she is no one’s special person. It is only when Claire eventually falls in love, marries, and becomes a mother that she emerges from the fog of grief.  Defying a conventional framework, this story is told using the five stages of grief as a window into Smith’s experience. As in the very best memoirs, the author’s powerful and exquisite writing renders personal events into universal experience.

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