Jennifer Lawrence will fit in The Hunger Games sequel right before the X-Men: First Class sequel

Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games and X-Men First Class

It must be nice to be Jennifer Lawrence right now.  As the star of two major franchises, Jennifer Lawrence is in very high demand and has two studios squabbling over which of their movies she’ll shoot first.  Fox has always been a difficult studio to work with, but it looks like they’re the ones that will amend their shooting schedule on the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel so Jennifer Lawrence can shoot THE HUNGER GAMES sequel for Lionsgate.  But to be fair, Fox hasn’t actually set a release date for the First Class sequel while Lionsgate has had The Hunger Games sequel, CATCHING FIRE, set for November 22nd, 2013 since before the original film hit theaters.

So assuming there are no schedule shifts or delays, CATCHING FIRE will start shooting this fall while the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS sequel will start shooting in January of 2013.  So that means Jennifer Lawrence is going to be a very busy girl between now and next Spring.  Matthew Vaughn has already signed on to direct the X-Men sequel, but things are not so certain for CATCHING FIRE since early reports had it that Gary Ross was playing hardball with Lionsgate about returning for the sequel.  But according to the Playlist,  it looks like Gary Ross won’t be returning to direct the sequel.  So it looks like Jennifer Lawrence will have to break in at least one new director.

But aside from the major blockbusters, Jennifer Lawrence has a few other films on the way as well.  This fall, Jennifer Lawrence has HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, then THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK later in the year.  Then next year she has SERENA, so we’ll be able to see her in plenty of roles before we get to see her in the blockbusters again.  Ether way, the world is going to get a lot of Jennifer Lawrence over the next couple of years. (THR)

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