Jeremy Renner is set to star in Kill The Messenger

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner was supposed to be Hollywood’s next golden boy after his Oscar nominated performance in THE HURT LOCKER, but it just doesn’t seem to be working out that way.  Although I think he’s a talented actor, I’ve never been on the Jeremy Renner bandwagon because I don’t think he’s a very charming, likeable leading man, which is what you need in a film like THE BOURNE LEGACY (see Matt Damon for reference).  But to be honest, I’ve felt like his biggest problem after THE HURT LOCKER was his choice of roles.  He has talent and can nail dramatic performances with ease, so he needs to stick to roles that will challenge him.  With that in mind, I’m excited for the latest project he’s signed on for, called KILL THE MESSENGER.

The film will be based on two books, “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion” by Gary Webb and “Kill the Messenger: How the CIA’s Crack-Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb” by Nick Schou.  The books tell the story of journalist Gary Webb, who gave a detailed report of the CIA’s connection to the cocaine trade and then became the target of the CIA’s wrath, eventually losing his job and leading to his suicide.  So if you want to know where all the talented, hard-hitting reporters have gone, that might be your answer.  KILL THE MESSENGER doesn’t have a start date yet, but it’s set to be directed by Michael Cuesta (‘Homeland’). (Deadline)

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